We started off as Pelletier and Lo back in 2019 & rebranded in 2022. The new company name  Ramirez and Co. reflects Stephanie's heritage and to matches the name she prefers when signing her art.

Once the company grew to multiple artists we knew it was time to become a Co.

We started off as a family of four artists living in Austin, Texas. Stephanie married Erich in 2019 and took the Pelletier name. Along with Erich’s daughter, that made three Pelletiers in one house (in one company). But what to do about representing Stephanie’s son/Erich’s step-son, Logan in the mix? He had a different last name. What to do….what to do…


Easily enough, “Co” became “Lo” And then it all made sense.

We love that part of our starting story and are so thankful for the growth and our new brand!

Between the two of them, Erich and Stephanie Pelletier have well over 30 years of experience in design, marketing, sales, and art. We can do a LOT of different things. We’re builders, makers, artists, designers, and thinkers. Need a mural? Hit us up. Need a website? Hit us up. Need a t-shirt designed? Yeah, you can hit us up for that, too.

Our combined skills, along with our kids' abilities to mural, dream, create, and build lead us to this company. It has grown organically over the past 7 years. In the past 5 years, we have connected with other artists from all over Austin to help us meet the demands of this colorful city. If you can't find what you need from us, let us introduce you to our friends. 

Fill out a contact form today. 

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