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Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce Branding Package & Custom Graphics (2021)

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Brand design and strategy is among the services we offer under the “P&Lo” banner. In mid-2021, we were engaged by the Greater Austin Asian Chamber of Commerce to redesign their brand.

It is difficult to represent concepts of “Asia” or “Asian-ness” in a simple icon or logo. Asia is gigantic and represents cultures as diverse as Russia, Iran, India, China, Mongolia, and dozens of others (hundreds, depending on how you count). Because of this, during the project’s concept phase, we opted to present ideas separated from any single culture (or group of cultures) in favor of approaches that are somewhat more universally representative and that also play on the Chamber’s focus on Austin and Texas.

Our initial, concept round looked like this:

In this concept phase, we mostly focused on the “A” in the word “Asian” as our starting point while carefully integrating some specifically Asian motifs.

The client considered these designs and, with the input of their board of directors, asked us to develop a second series of options that reflected a more obvious Asian identity while retaining the focus on the capital “A.”

That cycle led to these, second-round concepts:

These second-round concepts made use of floral motifs such as the lotus flower and designs sourced from Japanese heraldry and traditional Maori carvings. As you can see, this is also the point at which we began introducing a color palette into the process.

While the client agreed that these approaches did reflect a more obviously Asian identity, they asked us to return to the very first concept we presented for continued development.

After several further rounds of refinement, both in the logo design and in the color palette, the client settled on a final version of their new logo:

With a logo approach determined, we developed the Chamber’s full branding package, with a complete color palette, logo variants, web assets, print collateral designs, and more.

With a happy client and results that we found satisfying, this project was complete.

Other assets from the client's branding package:

(click images to see full-size)

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