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How's Your Stack Doing?

How we can help you pick (and use) the right tools for your business

If you agree that thoughtful, strategically-centered marketing is a foundational, mandatory part of business development, then you'll need to consider your marketing stack. Whether you're just getting started and need a full startup kit or have been at it for a while and want to polish up and optimize your brand and how you market it, we can help you identify, acquire, and use the "right fit" tools to more easily and expertly launch or scale your marketing efforts.

Simply put, your business' marketing stack is the collection of tools you use to enable a successful marketing operation. Think about all the services and tools and subscriptions you need to consider: from web domain registration and management to website design, development, and hosting, from graphic design tools to video production equipment, from social media campaign planning to project management, you'll need to learn and engage with a dizzying array of things (or else hire someone else to do it). You want to make sure things are as streamlined as possible, your various tools and platforms integrate well together, and your marketing tasks are automated as much as they can be so you can focus your time and talent on building your business.

It can be a scary, daunting process. Making the right choices early is key to being sure the tools in which you invest will continue to meet your needs over time. Invest in the wrong tools and you're in for a frustrating and potentially expensive process of platform migration or living with cobbled-together "solutions" that do little to solve anything.

Making the right choices early is key to being sure the tools in which you invest will continue to meet your needs over time.

The thing is, not every business needs an enterprise-level customer/constituent relationship management (CRM) system to identify and cultivate their audiences. Not everyone needs the latest and greatest digital media production suite to build what they need to achieve greatness. In fact, we'd argue that most of us don't need those expensive, shiny tools throughout our marketing stack. Making intelligent "mix and match" decisions about how to build an effective marketing stack is one of our strengths.

Between them, Stephanie and Erich have worked with a shockingly huge range of organizations. All shapes and sizes. All levels of marketing sophistication. From one-person operations literally working from the garage to local nonprofits to global corporations, we've worked with a little bit of everyone. We've launched our own successful ventures, too, so we know from experience what it takes to build and run a marketing operation with budget top-of-mind. We've learned and used the tools that work the best, the ones that "work the best for the price," and we know ways to make things work well when you're stuck using the free trial version.

We can help you no matter where you land in the spectrum of readiness, preference, budget, and skill. If you're someone who wants to learn how to design your own web or social media graphics and get into some excellent, user-friendly tools to accomplish that, we can enable you. If you just need some gorgeous newsletter templates built out in the email marketing platform you know and love, we can jump in and handle it. If you need experience-based, expert advice on what Cadillac-level enterprise tools you should consider for your team and when to just stick with the free-to-dirt-cheap Google Suite, we can give it.

So, as usual, we ask: what do you want to build today? Get in touch and let us know.

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