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Lollapalooza (2021)

Both Stephanie and Erich lost their moms in the past few years. Both were artists with a passion for cool and eclectic things. When we got the call to re-envison the Selfie Frame for the Chicago Lollapalooza festival, we were all in. This was a difficult and time-intensive project, but when it came together it was a total win!

We repaired the old frame and removed an ungodly amount of glitter. Once we had it repaired and repainted, we wanted to incorporate a tiny nod to our moms. If you look closely you will see that we designed the "o," "a," "p," "a," "o," and "a" in the logo to be tiny paint wells, using the color palette from our clients.

Seeing our new friends pose in the frame all the way from Chicago was the highlight of this project.

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