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WEAR Your Freak Flag, Baby!

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Looking for that "Hey! That human is wearing my design!" kind of feeling? You should be. We've got your t-shirt needs covered.

Erich writing here. Hiya!

Probably the coolest thing about designing apparel is seeing your art (or your branding, or your idea, or all three) on someone's actual BODY out in the world. Especially if it's a completely organic sighting, where the shirt is on a stranger and they look really damn good in it. It's a fun little tingle of an experience.

Stephanie and I have been designing and printing t-shirts for over a decade apiece. Stephanie, especially, has worked on a HUGE range of t-shirt projects (other kinds of apparel as well) because she ran her own successful print brokerage/design firm for several years. That role got her exposure to working with every kind of brand imaginable, from restaurants to schools to churches to bars and marketing agencies, she's worked with a little bit of everyone:

I've always gravitated toward the more niche t-shirt projects: things for work, weird conferences where body.hackers and cyber-bio-m0DD3rZ get together to trade protips on chip implants, security wristbands for local Burning Man offshoots, indie video game companies. Stuff like that.

Between us, we probably know how to work with whatever you need. And if you need us to help you figure out what that is, what it looks like, and how it all fits together so you can know how it feels to see your badass concept being worn by someone IRL, on their human BODY...well...yeah, we can do that too. So get in touch!

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